Database Engineer – PostgreSQL, Oracle, AWS Redshift

Specific responsibilities and expectations include but not limited to:

  •  6-10 years of experience technical experience in database engineering.
  • Knowledge of AWS Architecture, AWS Console Design, create and administer Redshift clusters and RDS instances to handle huge volumes of data and associated traffic.  
  • Define, design, build, standardize, and improve database technology solutions.  
  • Define and improve backup strategies for data recovery in the event of system outages.
  •  Ensuring high availability of Redshift cluster and liaise with vendors to resolve potential issues on clusters.
  •  Advise developers on best practices writing and tune SQL queries in order to maintain a balance between performance, cost and throughput.
  • Project and analyse trends in performance metrics using visualization tools such as Tableau for various stakeholders, which helps in business decisions.
  •  Resize, restore, and perform maintenance tasks like VACUUM and ANALYSE on Redshift clusters.  
  • Refresh data on UAT and Development environments from the Production environment for simulation testing.
  • Setting resource queues to make optimum use of resources (using Workload Management).  Creating alarms on AWS Cloud watch to monitor Redshift clusters.  
  •  Define, design, build and standardize and improve database backup solutions, using database native or platform level tools or technologies.
  •  Advanced knowledge of popular commercial and/or open-source relational and NoSQL Database technologies.
  •  Script development as necessary to support the databases and external interfaces.

Primary Technology Expertise Requirements (No more than 3)

  • Experience in the following database platforms: PostgreSQL, Oracle, AWS Redshift, and/or other comparable database technologies.     
  • Advanced knowledge/experience doing shell scripting and automation of database maintenance/activities, migrate applications from Oracle to Postgres on-premises, or to the cloud.
  •  Experience with MSSQL Server, MariaDB databases is a plus.