Full-stack Developer

General responsibilities and expectations include but are not limited to:

* 5-10 years of experience as a full-stack developer using DOT.Net related technologies
* Knowledge on Agile project delivery concepts and tools (Lean/Scrum/Kanban, Jira)
* Experienced/exposure in working in a team environment using project management tools like JIRA, and source code version control systems like BitBucket
* Good understanding of object-oriented programming, MVC Framework, Identity and authorization management, C# advanced topics such OOPs in c#, Reflection etc

Experience in at least TWO of below focus areas:

* Backend tier: PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Oracle, handling large database for performance
Front-end UI: JavaScript, one or more JavaScript frameworks such jQuery, VUE.js/Angular/React, one or more CSS frameworks like bootstrap, Semantic UI and Html5, CSS3
Middle Tier: C#, hosting ReST or SOAP API’s, Linq, multi-threaded programming, encryption, signaling for building a real-time application, Entity Framework