Background: Workplace communication is tremendously important for organizations. Email communication has been the primary communication methods in the organization. However Organizations fail to understand how effective are their email communications. Our customer wants to build effective email drafting and tracking platform to use for internal communications.

Execution: Customer are looking for attractive and effective HTML emails easily and be able to send emails adhoc distribution lists like selecting the various employee Information ex: Want to send all contractors in specific Location in the department…

In addition they would like track precisely track metrics like the user opens, link clicks, work locations(not Geo), Teams etc as per various employee data.

Different email communications requires different kinds of templates, and would like to send the emails from different email addresses which requires delegation to send emails.

We have used the WYSIWYG text editors to draft emails. We connected to the AD groups periodically update the user information from three different sources that the company uses. Since they need ability to track metrics at user level, we had to extract the distribution lists and find the unique emails so that the user will get only one email. We have also provided the facility to create distribution lists and templates etc various features

Tools & Technologies :  C#, MVC netcore 3.1, Linq, Entity Framework and used Postgres SQL as the database. Smarthread pool for backend queues, customized WYSIWYG editor