Background: CogniStreamer XL/Innovation Portal is an open innovation and collaboration platform where internal colleagues and external partner companies or knowledge centres join forces to create, enrich and assess innovative ideas within strategically selected areas. The portal is an ideal collaborative platform that invites users to actively build a strong innovation portfolio. In addition, it provides a powerful resource for internal and external knowledge sharing.

The Innovation Portal is its most popular product and is geared towards using “the wisdom of crowds” (crowdsourcing) to boost open innovation. It covers concept/idea generation, sharing, enrichment and assessment. The basic structure of the platform resembles that of many of its competitors.

Execution: During the 2-year tenure with CogniStreamer in terms various design, develop, Maintenance projects and also helped the market exploration In India and Sales development activities. Here are the couple of development projects that we have executed for them.

Localization/Globalization: We built the application that supports multiple languages. Implement this concept we have used localization and globalization concept using resource files.

Multi-tenancy: DataSpeaks has developed the Multi Tenancy Portal for one of their most selling product, there by development, deployment and support efficiency is achieved in multifold. Multi Tenancy concept in which a single instance of software application serves multiple customers such that customizing one part of solution for a particular customer or tenant does not affect other tenant.

It is a concept specific to cloud-based solution which can be achieved either by giving complete isolation in database or managing the complexity in the application itself.

When database isolation is considered, we can partition data based on tenant id associated with one tenant such that no data particular to a tenant can be accessible to another tenant. We

Jenkins Templating: Implemented a shareable pipeline with the Templating Engine, It helps to pull the common code out into Shared Libraries to reduce code duplication.  Each repository by defining a common workflow for teams to inherit. To separate the business logic for the specific technical implementation.

Tools & Technologies : C#, MVC, Sql Server, Linq, Entity Framework, delegation techniques, Octopus, Jenkins, Bitbucket, Git, Sourcetree, Npm, SASS, Jira, Node Js.